A personal stitch

I am passionate, precise and determined as a person, patternmaker and tailor.

Reliability and a professional eye for detail make me an outstanding costumier, patternmaker, designer, print designer and all-round creative. I design with a burst of positive energy that will brighten up your day and my sunny approach is always a welcome bonus.

What have I done so far

After graduating at TMO I understood that fashion management wasn’t for me. Instead I felt more connection with the creative process behind the fashion. At Akademie Vogue l immersed in this creative side of fashion, resulting in graduating with honors and working with passion, positive energy and determination towards my creative work. Here I got attracted to the old school traditions of pattern making and tailoring. Today I attend courses at the Rotterdamse Snijschool deepening my knowledge in custommade pattern making and tailoring with a specialty in Moulage / Draping. 

Since starting my studies I always search for perfection in clothing tailored towards the individual. I design and create your outfit based on that philosophy. Made for you by me. This is even more true today than it was in 2007 when I started. 

My determination and expertise led me back to Akademie Vogue where I enjoy teaching pattern making and share my passion and professionalism with new students. 

What else I would like you to know

  • Love the soul of vintage jackets
  • Wander around flea markets in my spare time
  • Enjoy to get lost in museums to find inspiration
  • Spend time researching pattern making techniques
  • Experiment with ecological painting techniques
  • Want to make a better world by recycling fabrics
  • I am an expert in pattern making and old school tailoring
  • Studying at Rotterdamse Snijschool (Costumier 2017-2020)
  • Studying at Rotterdamse Snijschool (Moulage/Draping – 2020)
  • Graduated with honors at Akademie Vogue (Bachelors in Fashion Design – 2011-2015)
  • Interned at Viktor&Rolf atelier (2014)
  • Graduated at TMO Fashion Business School (Bachelors in Fashion Management – 2007-2011

Today I inspire and motivate the students at Akademie Vogue teaching pattern making and I introduce the students at Mundus College into the world of fashion. When there is time left I like to spend time on my next big project: creating organic children’s costumes.

What can I help you with

  • Can’t find your size or taste at the regular shops… Visit me!
  • Would you like a special outfit or costume… Contact me!
  • You have a label and you need a pattern for your collection… Call me!
  • You need artwork for your brand… Write me!
  • You have an clothing idea and need a creative…E-mail me!
  • You want to learn how to draw or change patterns and need a teacher… Hire me!


I would love to meet with you, please click here to schedule a free intake or to ask for more information.


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