Your local tailor for all your custom-made clothing

I am happy to help you create your personal custom made garment or costume. I have created bespoke dresses, tailor-made jackets, custom-made themed costumes, tailor-made shirts, company or occupational uniforms and many more made-to-order creations. 

When you decide to hire me for your custom-made wish we will proceed with the following steps. However, I am always flexible to your agenda and specific needs. 

  1. We will discuss your wishes and needs during a free first consultation. I will take your measurements during this first meeting, which often takes around 1 hour in total. 
  2. I will then make a unique pattern based on your measurements. This will normally be done within the succeeding week. 
  3. Based on the pattern I create a “toile” (first canvas sample) which I present to you during the first fitting, which takes around 30-60 minutes depending on garment type and body frame. We can then see how the pattern suits your frame and make alterations if necessary. 
  4. When we are both happy I will start to design the pattern on the fabric of your own choice. The cut and the garment is made by my hand. This process can take up from some days to weeks depending on the complexity of the design. 
  5. Finally we will have a last fitting to see how the pattern and the fabric of your choice fit your frame. Again, alterations will be made if necessary. This again takes around 30-60 minutes depending on garment type and body frame. 
  6. If all fits well, I will add the finishing touch before handing over your new custom-made outfit. Made with love. 


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